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Em's review on Instagram and Goodreads


Stuck (in time) was a fun, adventurous and addictive read. The blend of sci-fi and history formed a unique dynamic that created an intriguing and exciting story. I practically read this more or less in one sitting because I was eager to find out what was going to happen to next. I couldn’t predict how the story was going to unfold either which kept me gripped until the very end. Whilst this is a mystery adventure story intended for children and YA’s, as someone in their 20s, I still really enjoyed my reading experience! I particularly connected with Lucy, an intelligent young girl with impressive code breaking skills. There

were times throughout, however, where I felt the children were potentially too mature and intelligent for their age. Also, the story was beautifully written and perfect for a YA audience, but certain language used throughout may potentially be complex for some younger readers.Overall, I adored the characters, the unique plot and the time travel! I’m really looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Thank you very much to the author, Dave (@stuckdavewrites on Instagram), for contacting me about Stuck (in time) in exchange for an honest review. Stuck is currently available to purchase on Amazon or read for free via Kindle Unlimited! 

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