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Sue's review on Instagram and Goodreads 


My latest read ‘Stuck(In Time)’ by @stuckdavewrites sees three very likeable young characters do just that!

Robert, James and Lucy on the hunt to find their missing Uncle stumble upon a Time Machine that transports them back to 1940.

As they set off on their war time adventure they come into contact with a very different style of life.

It’s a period filled with evacuees, rationing, living off the land. There are glimpses of land girls, prisoners of war and bombing.

But will they find their Uncle Archie and will he help transport them back to the modern day? Ooh .. you may have to read this middle grade children’s book to find out!

I like the idea of time travel, an idea explored by H.G. Wells in his first novel ‘The Time Machine’ published in 1895.

Although in this instance the character of the Victorian Time Traveller, visits the future and not the past - it paved the way for this new genre of literature.

In Well’s dystopian writing the human struggle is doomed to failure. Luckily for the characters in ‘Stuck (In Time)’ this is not the fate the author has in store for them!

Many thanks to @stuckdavewrites for gifting me a copy of his independently published children’s book.

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