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Emma Katherine's review from the

Did someone say “one of the best books they’ve ever read?” Oh, right, that was me talking about Stuck (in Time)! This book was not only educational, but inspiring, energetic, and intense - only the beginning of the list of reasons why it’s a prime read for young adults. Stuck (in Time) is perfect for older teenagers who need a fun, adventurous escape and for preteens who have a high reading level but need kid-friendly material. ...

Martha Bethan's review on Instagram and Goodreads


What a lovely book!
I really enjoyed reading this time travel adventure story. It was such a fun book and so heartwarming.
I loved all three of the children, Lucy, James and Robert and really enjoyed reading their adventures. The book made me laugh out loud at points and kept me entertained and invested throughout...

Em's review on Instagram and Goodreads


Stuck (in time) was a fun, adventurous and addictive read. The blend of sci-fi and history formed a unique dynamic that created an intriguing and exciting story. I practically read this more or less in one sitting because I was eager to find out what was going to happen to next. I couldn’t predict how the story was going to unfold either which kept me gripped until the very end. ...

Sue's review on Instagram


My latest read ‘Stuck(In Time)’ by sees three very likeable young characters do just that!

Robert, James and Lucy on the hunt to find their missing Uncle stumble upon a Time Machine that transports them back to 1940.

As they set off on their war time adventure they come into contact with a very different style of life. ...


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