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Author of the 'Stuck' series available from Amazon: Kindle, paperback and audiobook
The first book in the 'Rebel Runaways' series was published 1st October 2023
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One day in 1860, everything changed for everyone, everywhere. 

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In London, in an age when steam and clockwork power is all-important, a series of events throws Oliver, Jake and Charlotte into conflict with the authorities. They come from very different backgrounds and join forces with an escaped slave, a street urchin and a prostitute to form an airship crew - The Rebel Runaways. With the country in the hands of the army and beset by street gangs, escape is their priority. When they realise the depths to which the corrupt government and a wicked industrialist are willing to stoop, they turn to face the enemy. 

Life will never be the same again for the crew and for the world, but unless the Rebel Runaways can succeed, society will slide into an abyss.

Freedom Skies Reviews

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The Rebel Runaways leave Victorian London for Africa to try and stop slave traders. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing on their own doorstep!

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A short clip from the audiobook

Stuck 1595: An Elizabethan Adventure

narrated by Rachel Laurence.

The Baxter children have travelled back to Elizabethan times, but it's all gone wrong! They are stuck in 1595 and not only that, James has been kidnapped and Robert and Lucy have no idea where he is!

 Imagine visiting another time in history and getting stuck there!


Stuck in Time is an adventure story for children that unfolds over an eventful Easter holiday when the Baxter children visit their Uncle Archie, only for him to vanish! When James develops an unusual, life-threatening condition, it becomes clear that Uncle Archie is the only one who can help. Their search for their missing Uncle finds the siblings transported back to 1940s wartime Britain and racing against time.

Can they find Uncle Archie and solve the mystery that took him back - before they get stuck there forever?

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