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And the winner is.....

Rachel Laurence and I have been recording the new audiobook. Wait! Maybe I need to go back a stage. During the first UK lockdown, before we had even finished the audiobook for the first book Stuck (in time), I started writing a follow-up book. It's finished…ish, but not published yet. The reason it's not published is because we change it slightly as we go along - sometimes words are swapped around to make it read more smoothly or to make the meaning clearer. Rachel has contributed a couple of funny 'one-liners' too.

As I write, still to do is the 'Introduction' - and for that I need to finalise the title of the book. It's had a working title ever since I wrote it, and I wasn't sure if it was the best one, so I emailed a few close friends with a few suggestions. I mocked-up the titles using some sections of prints produced by Elizabeth Newsham, who designed the first cover (this won't be the actual cover design).

As you can imagine, they selected quite a range of different choices. But after reading some of their comments, and looking at the screen for quite a while trying to visualise the finished book I have decided to go with this one:

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