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Back (in time) 14th November 2019

I had my first meeting with my good friend Rachel Laurence to talk about her involvement with my project: getting my book ready for publishing and also for her to record an audio version of it. All in all it was a very good evening as bolstered by her enthusiasm and accompanied by her husband Steve we went over to the Exeter Arms in Uppingham to watch Liverpool, the ‘Mighty Reds’ and Champions of Europe beat the Premiership Champions Manchester City!

I must backtrack a little. A few years ago I wrote a book, and adventure story aimed at children and tried to get it published. I came across the problem that many writers find, most publishers were only interested in authors who were already published. I did receive some interest but they were publishers who wanted me to get involved with a joint financed venture – I was wary of going down a ‘vanity publishing’ route, so put the book to one side and got on with life.

Anyway, in March 2019 we were in Brisbane, visiting our daughter, and one day in the early hours of the morning I had the idea of asking our friend Rachel to record an audio version of the book. When we got back to the UK I promptly had to put the idea on hold because she had auditioned and been offered a season at The Theatre in the Lake in Keswick: three plays ‘The Ladykillers’, ‘The Children’, and ‘Uncle Vanya’. This would take her away from our home town of Uppingham from March until November, with obviously no time to think about my book. Incidentally, Sue and I saw two of the plays and she was just brilliant.

A week ago (November 2019) the season finished and she came back, and we get to the point where the story starts.

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