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Back (in time):Getting into gear the New Year. First posted 10th January 2020

Back from Australia now and starting to get things in place to resume work on the book. I delivered the newly punctuated version back to Rachel so we can start working on the audio version soon. With this in mind I decided to buy a microphone. I am seeing this act of spending money as a positive statement – that it is all going to happen, and we will be in control. The microphone will be arriving today, together with a stand to fix it to.

As to what microphone I bought, for the technophiles amongst you, it’s an Audio Technica 2020 USB+. You might ask how I chose this one? Well Google isn’t the only font of wisdom in the world. There’s also YouTube! I watched a clip from Bailey Varness (, and it is the one that she recommends. Apparently it is the best microphine you can buy with a USB connector. In other words you can plug it directly into your laptop. So she has produced a whole series of films, she seems to know what she is talking about, so I looked no further.

Actually choosing the stand proved more problematic. You know what it is like when you enter the world of Amazon and start reading reviews! You think you have found one, then you read one bad review, so you move on, and you end up going round and round in circles. So in the end I decided I couldn’t spend any more time researching this and chose one. Time will tell. I know if it will have been a bad choice if the microphone falls of the desk. Time to move on!

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