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Back (in time) How to prepare a recording studio part 2

Get some equipment. We are fortunate to have in the town a guy that provides equipment for bands – lights, speakers, etc . In my case I have hired a good quality microphone on a stand. The microphone is hanging in a little cradle which stops it picking up vibrations. There is a ‘pop screen’ in front of it – it has a mesh that filters out some sounds – in particular the popping sound of the letter ‘P’. There is a semi circular screen that fits around the mike to block out unwanted sounds. A little ‘desk’ with lots of buttons, mostly which are set to ‘0’. You can plug a microphone directly into a computer if you don’t have a ‘desk’.

Danny from Rocky Road Music: on Facebook: Rocky Road Music Shop

So I have downloaded a programme called Audacity to my laptop (Mac owners use ‘Garageband’) and we are good to go!

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