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Back (In time): I must put a stop to this

First posted 23rd December 2019

Well actually the full stops haven’t really been a problem. It’s the commas; those pesky little devils, that are a nuisance. They pop up in all the wrong places! So, re-reading and correcting my punctuation, I find it hard to believe just how many mistakes I have made. It’s what happens when your mind gets carried away racing along with the story, and doesn’t look at the words on the page. It’s much harder to see on the computer screen anyway

Anyway, I can think of worse places to be doing it! For the last 10 days we have been living in a ‘Queenslander’ (a traditional wooden house across the road from Suttons Beach in Redcliffe, Brisbane. I think I have mostly cracked it, so it’s just as well as we have moved to stay the rest of the time with our daughter, and her 3 boys, for Christmas. I don’t imagine I will get much done on it now for a while.

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