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Back in time: I need some worry beads

And a lesson how to use them. This was first posted 20th November 2019

We have started recording and now, with session 3 due this afternoon I am stressed…and I don’t usually get stressed about things.

I am not concerned about the book, as I do the first rough edit on the recordings I have been really pleased about how Rachel is bringing the story to life. Even though I wrote it and know what is coming I am enjoying listening to it. It’s a bit how every Christmas here in the UK they show ‘Love Actually’, or remember when they always broadcast ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ You still can’t help watching even though you know how it ends!

No the problem is that I am not confident that I have got the sound quality good enough. This is a whole new world to me and whilst I have looked at videos online, and read up on the process, I haven’t any experience of the world of sound. ACX are the platform you submit the recording to and they have rigorous testing before they let recordings be published on Amazon, so if it is not right at this stage it could all be rejected.

I have just put in an emergency ‘help’ call to Danny at Rocky Road music and he is going to call in later this afternoon.

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