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Back (in time): Just how exciting can punctuation get?

This was first posted on 10th December

The answer is not very! At least though, I am editing the draft of my book in a beautiful place. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t come here to Scarborough in Queensland, Australia just to do punctuation! No, we came out to see our daughter and family, and so I try to do a little every day.

Hard at work – and no, it’s not naked punctuation – I am wearing shorts!

So grateful to Rachel for going through the draft of my book with her pencil. I always did tend to read quickly, skipping through the sentences to find out what happens to the plot. However, Rachel, as an actress has to read every word and consider how to say it. So, even though I wrote the book I still want to race through to find out what happens, and I find it very hard to concentrate on every single word. Also, in my head, I know how it should sound, how it should read, so I will naturally take a breath in the right place, or put the emphasis on the right word, whereas anyone else coming across my story for the first time needs some help – and that’s where the punctuation comes in!

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