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Back (in time): Take my breath away

First posted 13 March 2020

Not just a song by Berlin for the 1980’s movie Top Gun!

It’s been slow but steady progress on the audio version – I try to do a little every day fitting it around ‘real life’. I have been going through each chapter of the book listening for any blips and pops that have to be cut out, but in particular trying to decide what to do about Rachel’s breath. The picture below shows a few words from chapter 11. I have marked in where Rachel’s breath is picked up by the mike.

I don’t know if there are any hard and fast rules about breathing. I mean everyone has to breath! What I am tending to do, is where the breath is embedded in a section of dialogue, or where there is drama within the sentence, as where the arrow on the left points, I am leaving it. However, where the breath is in the middle of a pause between words, like where the two arrows on the right point to, I am cutting it out and pasting in some background noise. When we recorded each day we first started with a few seconds of silence – just recording the room noise, and that is what I have been using to cut and paste over any unwanted breath noises.

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