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Back (in Time): The whole world is on pause

First posted 13th April 2020

Well Covid-19 has changed everything. Actually as far as getting my book STUCK (IN TIME) onto Kindle I can’t really blame the virus. I am in limbo whilst I wait for the illustrations (although Coronavirus may be making it harder for Elizabeth to complete them.’ Anyway, I was pleased to hear that last week Elizabeth was drawing a duck (there is a scene in the book when two of the characters are feeding the ducks in the park.)

So we are all in ‘lock-down’ (a very dramatic term that! We don’t have troops patrolling the streets here), and I have been busy writing the second book in the series. Whereas in STUCK (IN TIME) the 3 children go back in time to 1940, in the new one – working title – STUCK (1595), they go back to – yes you’ve guessed it, 1595. What was happening in 1595 I hear you ask – well Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne, and for more info than that, well you’ll have to be patient.

So, I’m fit and healthy, and happy to wait a while longer.

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