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Brave New World

Apart from being a great book by Aldous Huxley it also describes the new world that I have found myself in. You might think that writing a book is hard, but it isn't. It's getting to grips with what happens next is the hard bit. It's not a case of getting discovered by a publisher and getting famous. It can happen to some, but many of us find ourselves in the world of self-publishing, and if you don't tell people about your book, no-one will find it. So in the last couple of days, I have been learning about Instagram and in particular about hash tags. I wish it was possible to do more with Instagram on my laptop - it's geared up to use on phones. I am quicker typing on a laptop rather than on a phone. I prefer using my digital SLR camera rather than my phone, and I've got photoshop on my laptop. What I can't do, without some other app (suggestions please) is post a photo from my laptop onto Instagram. So I am having to put my photos into dropbox, then open them on my phone save them into my camera roll, then open Instagram and post. I can add another comment on my laptop if I want. There's an old fashioned expression that is appropriate - 'What a palaver'

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